Wednesday, September 07, 2011

A Struggle for Words...

Nate and Kami Jordan

There are days when you think, "Today my life is great. Things are going well and I couldn't ask for anything more". It's a good feeling. It surpasses any past tragedy, any past hurt, any past loss....but so many times it can not overcome the current pain of a loved one or the sudden loss of a friend.

I feel like that today. My day was pretty great as days go. I was busy and looking towards my coming month with positivity. I came home and turned on the computer-checked my facebook as so many of us do...and there I was met with a status from my cousin, Dee, saying how angry she was and that cancer sucks. I knew immediately what this meant. My cousin, Nathan, was diagnosed with AML--a type of lukemia that replaces normal bone marrow with lukemia cells. It's very painful. He has been a trooper and has fought hard but his wife, Kami, revealed this heartbreaking statement on facebook today,

"We are in need of information. We have been given the options of how best to temporarily control pain and quality of life till Nathan dies, but I don't intend to let Nathan suffer or to be a fucking widow at 32 trying to raise our girls without him!
And I am all out of tact, patience and pride so if anyone wants to donate I will take your money. We haven't seen the bill but my guess is half a million thus far and as you can see the shit storm continues. There is a 'donate to Nathan' account at Wells Fargo I am told."

In short, I hate cancer! Who doesn't? Last year, my family lost my brother to cancer...I'm tired of losing my family to an enemy that is so cunning, sneaky and evil.

This year if you know someone with cancer, lost someone to cancer, or have been diagnosed yourself--share your story and show your colors!-with enough awareness maybe we can have more birthdays!


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