Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hi! Thank you for visiting. Here are a few interesting facts about me...a small update to the job situation. I was a Professor at a university in Michigan. I have since left that position to concentrate more fully on what I want out of my life...more info later. However, there's still no one special in my life...despite the rumors of me carrying on a "torrid affair" withsomeone back in Michigan. You gotta love the rumor mill. They're productive. Anyway, I am taking a break from teaching college. Maybe I'll find another position at the university level during this break. I have a...well, I'd guess you'd say it is a motto that I live by: Please don't be afraid to get your hands dirty, life may require it of you. Meaning, if you happen to get a flat tire on the road of life just ease off to the shoulder and change it. You'll soon be back out there driving again.

A little more about me... I am random at constant intervals :) I'm a funny, animated, action-adventure, historically, romantic movie watcher with a dash of the KUNG FU thrown in for good measure. I am slightly afraid of water--a few scary ocean events has made me the wiser... chicken--but I'd love to watch my friends surf, swim, body-board, etc. And who knows I might get out there again! Games requiring the use of basketballs or baseballs will usually require me to visit the E.R., but you can laugh at my black eye because I will. If you don't believe me ask the professor of scenic design at the University of Montana. He can tell you a great story about a girl in right field who literally got a taste for softball! Camping's Good--I was the best camper at Girls camp 4 yrs running. Unfortunately, I can not play an instrument, but I can run a CD player with good Cd's! Where's the outlet? I can change my own tire and know the location of the service station for the rest of the car's needs. I am fairly independent with strong shoulders for others to lean on, weep into, or rest their babies upon. Basically, that's me.

for my duckie friends...

So a duck walks into a diner and asks the waitress for some green grapes. The waitress says,"We don't have any green grapes. Now get outta here before I call animal control!" A few days later the duck comes back, sits himself up to the counter and asks the waitress for some green grapes. She says, "Look, duck, all we serve is greasy burgers, cold shakes, and hot fries. We don't have any green grapes! Now get before I nail your bill to the floor!" Two weeks go by and the duck comes back to the diner, sits himself up to the counter and asks the waitress, "Ma'am, do you have any nails?" To which the waitress replies, "No." And the duck says,"Good! I'll have some green grapes!" Smile & Have a good day!

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