Thursday, September 28, 2006

Technicolor Psyche

Well, apparently I failed to tell you what I do. (Actually, a certain someone needs to read the blog title and its subtitle!)Further explanation to follow...

I am a costume designer. I research, design, create, and construct the costumes, makeup and accessories for whatever a character might have, need, or wear. I like what I do but a recent addiction to Project Runway makes me want to design clothes and maybe open a boutique. I could do it................Anyway, I am currently in Georgia designing costumes for a production of The Grapes of Wrath. I forgot just how depressing it was. The show not designing it.

New topic...At the risk of sounding like so many "romantic comedies" I hate I have found this whole dating, internet dating, blind dating and the like to be rather bland. We as beings on this planet can find or obtain nearly 90% of what we seek given we are willing to work hard enough for it (Or just remember where we put the yellow pages). Then why is it that love, true love or even a meaningful conversation over Subway is the one thing we cannot seem to obtain when we want and need it the most? (at this point I'd take an interesting companionship that was devoid of me filing a restraining order) Why can't we hurry love? Why do the fates, God, nature or whatever your persuasion insist that when it comes to love they must be the ones in charge? And if this is true then how can we be the masters of our own destiny when Diety has plans for our hearts?

So, I am a member of one of those internet dating sites that is supposed to be "different". A dating site for people of a certain religion and like mindedness. Alright, I was optimistic when I joined over 4 years ago, but really if I get one more email about the latest success story I will vomit on my shoe and sell it on ebay as an art sculpture. Success story! Hah, the only success I think that they've had is in getting away with recycling the same couple's picture through the clever use of PhotoShop.

I'm not, in my opinion--and since you're reading this you are subject it, delusional about what I want. Short, fat, thin, bald. These things are really secondary on my list of requirements. The most important thing for me in a relationship is "Do they make me feel good about myself?"and "Am I doing the same thing for them?" I don't want a mutual admiration society but a relationship that is positively building a firm foundation for a successful relationship to continually stand on , survive the firestorm that is sometimes our world and a sanctuary for us and anyone living in our home, but apparently that is to much to ask at this point.

Viva Snoopy!

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